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The shelter is lit up like a Christmas tree at the moment because I lay down for a nap this arvo and woke up 4 hours later. Needless to say the felines were not impressed.

I'm inside at the moment taking a break before continuing on with the chores.  Fortunately the kittens were really good about the whole thing and went into their cattery the moment I called them. Even Dallas, Mugwort's sister, who is normally the last one in because she wants to stay in the house with me at night, went straight in for her feed.  I know that Tisha is in there again tonight but that's OK, she loves playing with the kittens, so she may as well stay there for the night.

As many of you no doubt already know Best Friends Rescue is getting out of cats and will be concentrating their efforts on rehoming dogs in the future.  Their feline foster care network is transferring to Little Paws Kitten Rescue who already have an excellent support network in place.

If anyone has any pine timber offcuts that they're not using and can get them to the shelter I'd really love to hear from you.  I want to use them to build cat furniture.  I'll see if I can head off to the local dump tomorrow and see if I can find anything useful there. But as the need is basically never ending then some additional supplies would be gratefully accepted.  Also any old carpet remnants or vinyl would also come in handy.

I picked up some small brightly colored wheelie bins yesterday that I'll use in the various catteries for feed as well, as the old bins that I had been using weren't quite large enough and kept running out too quickly.  I'll still need more of them but I'll get them gradually as time goes by.  Mind you putting a little bright pink wheelie bin in with the teenage girls did present a bit of a problem in the beginning until I filled it up with kitten dry biscuit. They managed to work out almost instantly that if they just touched it, because it has 4 wheels and is very light, they could happily race it around the cattery crashing headlong into everything in sight. Little Tessa even figured out that she could sit on the top and get a free ride. Unfortunately for them I returned with a bag of dry biscuit and spoiled all their fun. Honestly it's never dull around here and you never have a camera when you want one.

Patches and Star who have been residing with Sammy for a while now are getting much more docile and friendly and actually demand to be patted now.  Sammy who started out as the worst of the lot has certainly come a long way and is proving to be an excellent influence on the other two. One thing I can't do now is get rid of Sammy when I'm in cleaning out the litter tray or doing anything else for that matter. She just has to have her head stuck in whatever I'm doing and just refuses to take a hint about being in the way.  She's putting on condition as well which is very good to see.  Patches will be a huge girl when fully grown and Star will be just average size but pure white and semi long hair.  It will still be some time before they're available for adoption but at least now they have a good chance.

Missy followed me outside the main house yard fence today when I was tipping stuff into the skip and because she was preoccupied with chasing after a moth I closed the gate and continued working. Unfortunately Missy has gained a little weight from all her lying around in sun spots on window sills and managed to get herself firmly stuck while trying to get back through the gate. Now that was one embarrassed cat. She was just lucky that the cats are never allowed to be outside unless I'm there with them, despite the fact that they never go anywhere, and so I went looking for her when I was heading in for lunch.  Besides, she's never been one to miss a meal which is probably the reason for her most recent predicament in the first place :)

Leanne has put an update on Little Button in the forum section Foster Carer Updates, so anyone who's following her waiting for her to come up for adoption can see how she's progressing.

The cats are shedding less fortunately and are now proceeding to grow their winter coats. Unfortunately winter also has the added effect that just like us, the cats appetites increase so they can put on more condition and fur to counter the cold. I've never come into a winter period in the past with so many growing kittens and teenage cats in the shelter. Normally the adults increased feed costs are bad enough but dickens only knows what their going to blow out to over the next 5 months or so.  At least things like fleas disappear during the cooler months, so that's one consolation.

Oh well I better get back outside and finish all the feeding.  It's 7pm and black as pitch where ever the floodlights aren't shining.  If I trod on a toad the whole world may hear me scream, but that's a risk I'll just have to take.  Hopefully there won't be any of those confounded cobwebs around either.  Yuk. Mind you the kittens and teenagers love it when I have to work by lights because they spend their entire time racing around chasing bugs. :)

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