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I went over to see Chelsea and the kittens today.  The kittens are doing very well and there are a few gorgeous silver tabbies amongst them.   Chelsea is still feeding the kittens at night but tends to avoid them more and more during the day which is understandable now that they have all those little sharp teeth. I had planned on doing their first vaccinations but unfortunately the vaccines still haven't arrived which means everything will have to be put off now until at least next Tuesday.

Chelsea is proving somewhat of a challenge. It would appear that now that the kittens are all but weaned she is going back to wanting to eat the foods she had before.  It seems that she was probably raised on people food, ie good quality mince, roast chicken and fresh fish. She is eating the Supercoat adult dry food but won't touch the roo meat, cat sachets or cans or any of the other fresh cat meat varieties.  Because she was on her own while in kitten for dickens only knows how long before being rescued, she now needs building up in order to be strong enough to undergo desexing prior to adoption.  I'm extremely fortunate that Anne is dedicated enough to cater to her ladyship's specialised dietary requirements for the time being.  After she's been desexed however, we'll gradually start introducing her to more mundane foods. 

Got home and did all the catteries for the afternoon.  Mind you the first thing I did was release the kittens because it's far easier to sort out their cattery without them in there helping me.  By the time I was ready to move into the main cattery I'd been pulling my little cart with a 20kg bag of litter, litter scoop, soiled litter bag, feed and water half way around the catteries and to me it seemed to be suddenly getting heavier.  I stopped for a breather and found 7 x 5 mth old kittens had been hitching a ride since my last stop.  That'll teach me what happens when I don't lock them straight back up again.

This time my supply trip didn't go quite as planned as usual.  I got the dry kitten and adult feed OK but once again there was no Max's litter available and I was about to purchase more lucerne pellets which have been proving very good (mind you I may be prejudiced because I've always loved the smell of lucerne) when I was informed that the laying pellets were on sale for $9.95 per bag.  So I got 5 bags of those instead.  I still have 1 x 20kg bag of lucerne pellets unused.  My only concern is that the 20kgs of lucerne pellets are much larger than the 20kg bag of layer pellets but we'll see how they go.

Taleah has settled into the house with Princess, Timmy and Cara.  She slept on my pillow last night with her legs draped down either side of my head.  I felt like was wearing a skull cap all night.  Made turning over very tricky.  Despite the fact that she has settled down with the other cats I still maintain that Taleah needs to go to a home with no other pets. She loves getting lots of attention but really isn't the sharing type.  She will grudgingly put up with it for a while but not over an extended period of time.

Anne is probably coming over tomorrow and we'll work on reconstructing the old aviary as a single cattery for Tommy. Without Taleah there Admiral, Captain and Benny (mainly Admiral) have got him a little too bluffed for my liking.  He needs to be on his own for a while with occasional trips into the house each day.  Mind you he started all this but the other three boys seem just a little too eager to keep it going.

Poor Mugwort tried to hide in the long grass today but entirely forgot about that great white fluffy tail of his which was sticking straight up like a beacon.  He's absolutely magnificent and you're unlikely to come across another cat like him.  I know I haven't in all the years I've been doing rescue.  He's just so unique and oh so soft and cuddly.  

Lexie the 10 year old male russian blue likes to hide behind the wall and leap out at me when I walk though the doorway.  He's very good at it and I always fake being surprised and give him a big pat and make a fuss.  Poor boy has so much to put up with around here that it seems fair to give him a break now and then.  Unfortunately, he's taken Denise the Menace under his wing, so to speak, and is teaching him this trick as well.  Poor Denise obviously isn't the brightest young fellow because he's watched how Lexie does it but just can't get it right.  Lexie will carefully peek around the corner to see where I am, which I pretend not to see, and then carefully backs up into position and waits patiently. Denise's version has him standing flat bang dab in the middle of the doorway staring at me, practically waving a giant placard, and then running off behind the wall and leaping out excitedly when I'm still about 4 feet from the target doorway.  I tell the big dope what a wonderful boy he is and try to ignore the look of utter frustration on Lexie's face at yet another totally botched attempt.

Poor Tisha got more than a little frustrated herself this afternoon because I couldn't find her anywhere to put her back in her sleeping quarters for the night.  Normally she goes out for her little toddle around the house and then straight back to her quarters to await her nightly treat. I wandered around all over the place calling her name and getting quite concerned that it was beginning to get dark and she'd never cope with the wildlife out here at night.  I was heading back inside to get a torch when I notice one very frustrated little tortie in the kitten pen half way up the mesh trying desperately to get my attention.  At first glance I thought it was Pixie (who's always after all the attention she can get) but on second glance I realised it was Tisha.  I'd accidentally locked her in with the kittens after their playtime.  She's only a very small cat and is about the same size as the kittens are now.  In my defense there are 2 torties amongst the kittens, being Trixie and Pixie.  I opened the gate and out shot Tisha demanding an explanation and verification that she had her dinner waiting for her still.  She settled down while tucking into her meat. And I left unobtrusively to avoid any further explanations. :dry:

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