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Drat I've just realised that I had Kate over here today helping with swapping over a couple of the cats from the house into the cattery and vice versa and completely forgot about tying up the scratching poles etc. Oh well next time. LOL

Taleah is now running around inside and she seems to be quite enjoying it.  I was planning on leaving her out on the veranda until she got used to seeing Timmy, Cara and Princess wandering around inside. However as she spent almost 2 hours with her little nose pressed up against the glass panels on the doors I decided I may as well try letting her in.  There were a couple of hisses and spits and then everything settled down.  We'll see if it remains calm after I turn out the lights tonight.  There's no doubt Taleah has come a long way since her arrival and now seems quite OK with mixing with other cats and she loves getting pats from visitors as well.

Hopefully the vaccines will arrive tomorrow because OJ and Camilla are due for their final shots.

Kate and I moved Pumpkin in with the teenage males and Kitty and Buffy in with the teenage girls and everyone seems to have settled in well.  Pumpkin naturally decided he had to be the boss and was informed in very short order by Sandy that he could dream on.

I'm withdrawing Tommy from the adoption listing for the time being because he's still not behaving normally since his neutering.  He always used his litter box without fail and now he's really inconsistent with it.  He was always an extremely placid cat as well and now he seems to alternate between being timid and over aggressive.  His back and neck were causing him a problem but that has now been resolved thanks to chiro work by Tony.  I had been hoping that that was all it was but obviously not.  So until I know what's going on Tommy will be simply resting and recuperating.  I'll let everyone know when he goes back onto the adoption listing.

OJ and Camilla will be desexed next Tuesday 4 May so anyone interested in either of them can contact me after that to arrange a visit.  I'm not quite sure how to describe OJ's color because he started out as a typical ginger tabby but is now more of a soft creamy ginger all over.  

Kate and I were sitting on the kitten cuddling bench under the shade of a tree today being inundated with kittens during her visit when I spotted little Cindy wandering alone along the old fowl yard fence.  She looked a little confused so I called her name and we had to laugh at the sudden sparkle of joy in her little eyes as she literally pelted head long in our direction.  The little twit had obviously lost her bearings and couldn't find us.  Boy was she one happy little kitten.

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