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Poor Princess has been returned to the shelter after only 3 days with her new family.  Apparently she managed to get herself into strife this morning when the children were being dropped off at school and she went investigating in the kitchen.  When her Mum returned home she thought that Princess was in the other part of the house and so went ahead with baking a cake and doing the vacuuming in the kitchen.  Later she went looking for Princess and couldn't find her.  Finally she called her name and received a plaintive little reply from somewhere in the kitchen.  On the high cupboards she saw little paw prints along the top that came to a sudden stop.  She called Princess again and realised that she was caught behind the wall oven and unable to get back out.  After a frantic call to the guy who'd installed the kitchen about 12 months ago, and waiting patiently for him to stop laughing himself silly on the other end of the phone, he contacted one of his workmen who was nearby and sent him over to get the oven out and release one very embarrassed cat.  Deciding that Princess would be traumatised beyond belief after having a cake baked in the oven while she was trapped behind it, not to mention all the clanging of the vacuum cleaner against the stove while the kitchen floors were being done, her new Mum bundled her straight into the cat carrier, covered it over and dashed her straight back to the shelter to de-stress.  Princess is currently sound asleep on the futon after having tucked into a hearty meal.

Having organised the catteries to the point where everything is now flowing very smoothly. And the storage shed and combined maternity ward are working well, I've now started on sorting out the office properly.  I seem to have electrical cords everywhere at the moment and considering the number of cats and kittens that like to call the office home when I'm on the computer it's amazing that everything still works.  So tomorrow I'm hoping to finish off the sorting, although I have to go into Brisbane which will put quite a dint in the day but hopefully I'll still have enough time to get everything done.

I've placed an order for more vaccines and wormers again.  It seems never ending.  But I guess when you have so many cats and kittens all arriving at different times it really is never ending. Besides whereas I can do a single vaccination with the adults cats that come into the shelter all of the kittens need a full course of 3 vaccinations and so instead of 20 I have to get 60 which puts quite a dint in the budget.  Well it would, if I actually had a budget, but you have to have a steady income to have a budget and let's face it, I certainly don't have that. I tend to leap from one crisis to another but somehow everything manages to get paid. :)

Mia and the kittens are doing well.  She's a very good mother and I'll see if I can get more photo's probably the day after tomorrow seeing as how tomorrow seems to be filling up pretty quickly.

The kittens weren't particularly impressed today when I let them out for the daily run early and then put them away after about 1 hour with a feed of meat that they usually don't get until later in the day. They actually tried to con me later into believing that they were still due for the feed. Which means I've now got a cattery full of sulky kittens. LOL

The only thing that I still have to do to completely finish the cattery reorganisation is to move the food bins in each cattery.  At the present time in some of the now adult catteries I have the dry kitten feed bins and vice versa.  But I'll have to wait until someone else is here to do it because when I tried today I kept getting cats and or kittens trying to hitch a ride on the top of the feed bins and every time I dislodged one little offender another hopped on in it's place.  I gave up.  

I'll have to phone national desexing network tomorrow and organise some vouchers for both males and females for over the next couple of weeks and I'm definitely hoping for some more adoptions before all the current kittens out on foster need desexing as most of them are female. Young rogues like Princess being returned never help the situation because naturally her adoption fee is refunded and suddenly there's less to spend on other shelter necessities like medications and vet costs.

Fortunately with winter approaching the electricity bill will go down because I won't be needing to use the air conditioner in the house to keep the inside cats cool.  The heat in the valley is unbearable for the inside cats during the summer months without the benefit of air conditioning. At least in the winter all I have to do is keep them supplied with nice warm bedding and sunny window sills. 

The kittens and teenagers are growing very well with lovely silken, shiny coats.  They will look really lovely come winter and they get their thicker coats.  Hope they're all adopted by Spring because when they start to moult I don't want to have to be grooming this many :)

Keena, Katie and Sheba don't have a male in with them now that Byron has been adopted and I noticed today that Robbie was doing a lot of casual walking past their cattery.  Darn flirt!!

The teenage girls are now more relaxed and spend most of the day just lying around enjoying themselves now that they've been separated from the teenage males.  The boys however are still charging around like the hounds of hell are after them.  Typical teenage boys even though they're feline.

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