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Fixed the P on my computer so hopefully it will stay fixed for a while.

With the new groupings of adult and teenage cats per cattery I find everything is so much more relaxed during the cleaning sessions.  And with the boys now able to be separated from the girls in the teenage catteries I think everyone is a tad more relaxed as well.  They weren't stressing before but there was continual dashing around particularly by the boys, so the girls were being trampled in the rush a bit.  The teenage boys themselves have been able to be segregated even further by dividing them up into two different catteries as well, thus relieving the bedlam even further.

I've moved Timmy and his little friend Cara into the house and as I type I can hear them charging around the lounge room in pursuit of a ball with a bell inside.  Both were nervy out in the cattery but are settling well into the house to the point were they're driving me just a little insane with their demands for pats etc. LOL  It's also had a positive effect on Charlie and Scrabble who have tended to vegetate on the porch and not move around that much.  Yes they are 10 years old but goodness that's still young for a cat and Lexie and Tarsha who are also 10 years old behave more like 2 year olds. And we all know what Scooter is like. LOL  So really the boys were behaving more like 18 year olds, than 10 year olds.  However, now that Timmy and Cara are busily racing around the house and completely ignoring Scrabbles demands that they stop and respect his seniority, I find that both Scrabble and Charlie have become more mobile.  Possibly just in order to get the hang out of way when the two hooligans charge past, but whatever the reason, they are at least now taking a solid interest in what's going on around the place.

I also moved Sammy, Star and Patches into what was Dixie's bedroom at night while he was here.  Now Sammy was already there because she moved in with Dixie, the little devil, but Dixie was the first cat she'd ever taken an interest in being friends with. She was also completely unmanageable up until then. Star was a feral caught in a cat trap and extremely distrusting of all humans as was Patches.  It was always a major drama to do anything with any of them eg worming, vaccinating or just plain touching.  Sammy was the oldest of the three and I felt that Dixie had made enough of an impression on her for me to try an experiment. Mind you at that stage Sammy was still more likely to go under the bed than stay on top of it when I entered the room but it was worth a shot.  Yep I put all three crazies in the same room just off the kitchen where they could see everything that went on inside the house, including me interacting with Lexie, Denise the Menace, Spot, Casper, Jena and Missy.  Not that they couldn't see all of these things outside at various times during the day but inside, in a strange area they had no history in I was hoping to force a change in behaviour.  Well it's taken a while but now Sammy demands to be patted and stoked every time I go in and sometimes insists that I go in just to do it. She drives me mad playing with the scoop when I'm cleaning the litter tray and don't even get me started on what she does with the dustpan brush.  Star is now lying happily on the porta cot watching everything that I do in the kitchen and has taken to "accidentally" standing and wandering around very close by me whenever I'm in the room.  She's quite relaxed but I'll leave the timing of the first real contact up to her. Patches lies contentedly on the bed and occasionally manages to lift her head to see what I'm doing. She to has begun the close by walk and "forgetting" to get out of the way when I enter the room.  All three have never seen any reason to even consider making feline friends and have been confirmed loners but have now formed a close knit little group and I've even spotted all three grooming each other. It will take some time before they're ready for the outside world but at least now they all have a fighting chance. I know that most people would have given up on these loony tunes ages ago, but I've always thought that I could turn them around if I could just get an opening to get them inside and together.

As you know dear Robbie returned to the shelter yesterday.  I was concerned that seeing as how he'd been getting so much individual attention at Lauren's place and had decided to try to take over as senior male that I may have a problem with him and Lexie.  But no, he still regards Lexie as senior male here and he's not being at all aggressive with Denise or Spot either.  No problem with Jena either, I found them lying side by side this morning under the shade of a tree.  I did however get the distinct impression that the dear boy was looking just a little bit too darned comfortable for a cat who's just gone through what some would describe as a traumatic experience.

I set off to visit Kate this afternoon and looked back in the rear view mirror to see little tiny Cindy pelting along the driveway for all she was worth trying to follow the car.  Bearing in mind that Cindy is so tiny yet that she could be completely covered by a half way decent leaf I decided to stop the car and when I opened the door the little devil jumped onto my lap.  I turned around and headed back to the house and gave her to Jena to look after until I returned.  I had let the kittens out for their run around before I remembered that I had to go out.  I won't be doing that again!!!!

Gail and Janene are heading to the shelter tomorrow apparently with a car load of supplies. Thanks girls.  Don't be surprised if I put you to work though.

Kerri's sore eye is improving with daily bathing with salt water. She just had to pick a fight with Max didn't she. Well Max put a stop to that pretty fast. It's got to be the first time that one of her victims has retaliated. Good work Max, it'll teach her a valuable lesson. 

Jill has posted some new photos of the 3 part persian kittens she's fostering into the Foster album in the photo gallery so you can check them out.

Also keep an eye on the forum posts under Foster Carers Updates for the latest news on the various foster cats and kittens.

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