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Another hectic and fun filled day at the shelter.  

Robbie returned "again".  Honestly that boy is a worry.  The first time he returned was because they kept trying to pick him up which was never a good idea because he's so heavy.  This time it was because he liked his new mum a bit too much and tried to run off her senior ridge back dog. The problem was he was almost succeeding.  Poor Lauren didn't want to let him down because she'd become very attached to him but the situation wasn't going to get any better.  When he returned he just wandered back to his favourite shade spot for a cat nap. Robbie really does take everything in his stride because he's so easy going.  I've decided that the only thing to do is offer him as adoptable only by an older person or retired couple as an only pet.  He's available for $50 so if you know of anyone who'd like an easy going companion then let them know about Robbie.

Maybe Lauren should have mailed Robbie back, although the postage would have been a killer, because by the time she left she had adopted Harold from the Purr Factory.  LOL

Next to find a home today was dear Byron.  He really liked the family who came out to see the cats and it looks like he will be happy with them.  I must admit to having a little sob afterwards because Byron was my last physical link with Little Ashley, now known as Maurie (and various other things) who was adopted by Leanne who is now fostering Little Button.

The cats and kittens were a little unsettled today. Cuse me but my p (the letter on my keyboard - honestly you lot) just popped off.  You have no idea how difficult that sentence turned out to be to type.  Drat there's another one.  This is going to be fun.

The catteries were easier to clean however particularly the teenage cattery.  With 7 in there instead of 16 it made for quite an easy relaxed cleanup.  The kitten pen is still overcrowded so I still have some sorting to do, unless of course more of them are adopted quickly. Fingers crossed.

Anne has reported that Chelsea has completely stopped feeding the kittens, therefore I'll organise for her to be desexed hopefully next week, and then she'll be placed for adoption.  So if you're looking for a gorgeous chocolate point Siamese then keep an eye on the adult cat page.

There is also a new 10 year old calico female listed on the private adoptions page (blimey does everything have a confounded P in it?).  She is currently living in Logan and her owner wants to find her a good home.  All her contact details are on the page.

I better sign off before another key falls off my confounded computer.  Till tomorrow.  Have a great night all. :)

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