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Hectic day at the shelter as usual.  Anne came over and helped with the catteries and I took the opportunity to do yet another re-organisation.  They never seem to stop because the kittens and teenagers are growing so fast.  We managed to do the re-organisation but now that I know Robbie is returning yet again I'm in trouble already.  Being around 5 1/2 years old and male he needs to go into a cattery that doesn't already have a senior male.  Well now with the re-organisation I don't have one available.  Oh well, if worse comes to worse I can just let him wander around as usual and just lock him inside with me at night.  He and Lexie the senior Russian have always gotten along and hopefully Spot the senior wild tom will still remember Robbie because they got along fine as well. I might even try putting him in with the teenage males for that matter because he never causes problems with them either and they might benefit from his influence.  Come to think of it, it really is a bit funny that Robbie is having all this trouble finding a new home when he's so easy going and he's never given me any trouble at the shelter. He really does get along with everyone, feline, canine and human.  I'm hoping now that the big lug isn't working his own agenda and turning into a permanent boomerang.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.

Pumpkin has been relisted for adoption now because Jenny didn't contact me to say that they've been able to convince the landlord to change his mind.  He's a magnificent boy and you can see him on the adult cats for adoption page.  He's available for $100 and is only 15 mths old.  He gets on well with everyone and everything and is extremely social and loving.  A good cuddle cat for a family because he loves kids.  

His little friend Kitty will have to be microchipped and desexed and vaccinated before being ready for adoption but she too is very loving and good with children, dogs and other cats.  So she'll be ideal for a family as well.

Princess went off for her trail period with her new family yesterday so here's hoping that all goes well for her.  The poor girl spent about 7 mths in the shelter and was losing hope of ever finding her forever home.  I hope she settles in OK. And thank you to Louise and her family for donating feed and litter to the shelter when they came to pick her up.  It's all very much appreciated.

Young Dallas, Mugwort's sister, is busy scampering around the house at the moment getting into mischief because she managed to convince me not to put her back in with the other kittens after their run around yesterday.  She is gleaming all black with a very thick, luscious coat and a solid stocky build.  She's absolutely gorgeous and unless someone is smart enough to adopt this gorgeous little bundle of energy soon I'm very likely to get over attached.  She reminds me sooo much of Tessa the original black cat who is credited with founding this shelter.

If you have any friends, relatives or workmates who are looking for a cat or kitten and are concerned about the fact that a number of the photos and stories involve the cats and kittens being outside running around and they're worried that it means they wouldn't make good inside only cats please reassure them that this is not the case.  The only reason why the cats and kittens here are allowed out for a 2 hour run around each day is because the average stay works out across the board at a minimum of about 5 mths.  As a result I don't believe that it would be in anyones best interest to confine the cats to catteries for that length of time without adequate stimulation.  In the normal family home they have people to play with, normally other pets and lots of activities to join in.  There are always visitors and there's plenty of noise and constant stimulation.  At the shelter if they remained in the catteries all the time they'd go balmy.  By letting them out I recreate at least in part some of the stimulation needed to keep them active, curious and interested in their environment and interacting with people.  I firmly believe that an inside cat is happy and will generally live a longer life than one allowed constant access to outside.  My ideal of course is an inside cat with access to an outdoor enclosed play area where they can get all the outside sounds, movement and smells.  Besides when let out the main idea of the cats and kittens here is to barrel into the house and drive me insane.  None have ever decided to take off and investigate outside the main house yard area.

I thought I better point this out because I did hear one comment that although this particular lady loved Poppy it was obvious that she would never be happy as an inside cat because she loved chasing things around the Mulberry tree.  Yes she does but her main joy is climbing all over me and anyone else who happens to be nearby.  And she's just as happy to chase a ping pong ball around the house.  But being only one person I can't play with them all so I cheat and let them out for a run for a couple of hours.  

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