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Well Mia and her kittens passed their vet check today with no problems which is good.  I noticed this morning that the large scars and scabs that had concerned me when they arrived at the shelter a few days ago were suddenly healing after apparently not healing for many weeks.

I got a call form Cerius's Mum who collected him from West Fernvale Vet Clinic when we met there today and he has settled back into his home well.  Actually it's not the home he remembered because they've moved, but on seeing his human family and then greeting the feline & canine family that he remembered from the past, he just blended straight back in as though he'd never been away.

Mia is such an accepting and trusting little cat.  She hardly knows me but she doesn't object to anything that I have to do.  She has such beautiful trusting eyes and so far everyone who has seen her has loved her on sight.

I let the kittens out for their normal run for an hour or so while I was cleaning out the other catteries and then went down to dish out their meat and call them in.  For the first time ever there wasn't a kitten in sight and naturally I went into panic mode.  Now the house yard and the areas around the catteries have been mowed to ensure that no snakes etc sneak up under cover to the catteries.  However, just outside the main area, still within a 6 foot fence is the old fowl yards. It was there that I first got a glimpse of the 2 large but colourful peacocks from next door who regularly visit to eat the roosters feed.  I noticed that they were standing still and a closer inspection revealed about 11 tiny sets of ears just visible in the long grass.  I concluded that the 11 tiny sets of ears were likely to be attached 11 kittens and stopped panicking and started chuckling instead. They didn't stand a snowflakes chance in hell of getting anywhere near those peacocks but I had to give them A for effort.  I yelled dinner at the top of my voice, scared the hell out of the peacocks who suddenly flapped and took off and that in turn frightened the hell out of the crouching kittens who all stampeded towards me at full throttle and dived into the kitten cattery at break neck speed.  

Because I went to Fernvale to the vet today I dropped into the produce store and picked up more Purina kitten and adult dry biscuit and more litter.  Unfortunately because I had Mia and the kittens in the car I couldn't then stop at the supermarket to get any people food but what the heck. I had a block of Devondale mild cheese in the frig that I was planning on grating up for the kittens, and 1/3rd of a bottle of white wine, courtesy of Kate when she come over for dinner.  Now who can complain when they have a wine and cheese night at home?  Certainly not me.  Will have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow though.  Also need to order more vaccines for all the kittens that are about to need vaccinating.  I use the Fevac 4 and alternate between Vet Products Direct and the Vet Shed, both online, depending on which I can get the better deal from at the time.

I currently have 1 cattery with just Max and 1 cattery with just Kerri.  Unfortunately these two cannot be mixed due to temperament issues and I'm not sure if I can reorganise the other catteries sufficiently to be able to slot either one into any other cattery.  I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow.  Having taken Princess out of one, leaving only Timmy and Cara in residence, instead of what would normally be 5 cats in that particular cattery I'm hoping I can organise something. If I can get 2 free catteries that would mean that I don't have to look at building any more at this stage provided I don't take in any more waifs for the time being.  Yeah well, we'll see.

I'm hoping that maybe over the long weekend there may be a few adoptions.  I particularly want to see some of the kittens get rehomed before they get too used to being in the shelter. They've got such great personalities and they desperately need homes of their own.

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