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The phone didn't seem to stop ringing after I returned today.  Young Scruff the gorgeous classic black and white male from the Purr Factory certainly did his best to ensure that the couple who came out to look for an older kitten didn't leave without him.  Mugwort was a strong contender as was Harold also from the Purr Factory.  But Scruff's determination and the fact that he refused to leave them alone especially when they went to pat another kitten, rubbing against them, climbing up onto the husband's shoulders and even sitting calmly in the hood of his jacket won the day.

I also got a call from Cerius's mum Sue who is coming over from Maclay Island to collect him on Thursday. I always say that everything happens for a reason and you just have to go with the flow. Well here's another example for you. Because I was going to Toowoomba today I was unable to take Mia and her kittens to the vet for a checkup so I asked Kate to phone the Fernvale Vet and organise an appt for them for Thursday.  When I got back from Toowoomba I phoned Kate and the appt was for 11am.  Later in the day Sue phoned and she was trying to get her neighbours to come out to the shelter to collect Cerius after they had called into the vet with their own animals. As it turned out even though they live on Maclay Island they just happened to be going to the Fernvale Vet. Their appointment time was 10.30am.  When you consider the number of so called coincidences that had to occur for two lots of people living so far apart to end up with back to back appts at the vet on the same day it gets a tad spooky.  Anyway we agreed that I would take Cerius along with Mia and the kittens and Sue could then collect him while at the vets.

It's been showering all day long and although I love the rain, being dependent entirely on tank water, I hate the days when it just keep sprinkling and not really doing anything but making everything damp.  This applies particularly to this time of the year when there is so much bulky bedding being washed each day from the various catteries.

I've also moved Star into the house with Sammy (poor Sammy doesn't know what's hit her). From being considered almost irredeemable a few weeks ago she now finds herself the cat of choice for helping to calm down skittish cats.  She's enjoying her new role and suddenly can't get enough cuddles out of me.  Oh well, dear old Dixie certainly earned his keep while he was here judging by his effect on her.

I'm getting a quote for another cattery because the teenagers and kittens are reaching a point where they just have to be broken up into smaller groups.  Granted one more cattery doesn't necessarily mean more numbers of cats and kittens but it does mean another set of feeding and watering and litter trays and bedding and scratching poles and furnishings etc.  All of which I need like a hole in the head.  Let's hope adoptions pick up soon preferably before I go completely nuts. Shush.

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