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Mia and her kittens arrived this morning and have settled in well.  I have her in what I'm now calling the maternity ward in the shed where both Molly and Midnight initially raised their litters.  It's quiet and peaceful over their so the mothers can relax and just concentrate on the new born kittens without distraction.  Mia has devoured 2 dishes of mince so far and would keep going if I let her.  She is being a good girl and using her litter tray and is so very, very affectionate.  Her kittens are premmies and very, very tiny but healthy.  Mia herself needs a lot of building up so I'll have to keep good quality food up to her to ensure that she continues to grow while still feeding her kittens.  She has a long way to go to get to her full size yet.

Cindy and Jerry were late going off to bed tonight and like all youngsters managed to get their second wind before I realised it was well past their bedtime.  So the chase was on for young and old with them deciding they didn't want to go to bed and preferred to stay up with the older cats and play instead.  I finally won the battle by pretending to go over to the shed to visit with Mia and when they followed me I pulled the door closed behind them.  They probably won't fall for that one again LOL.

I feel as though I'm not getting anywhere at all at the moment because by the time I get finished with all the normal daily stuff I don't get a chance to implement any of the improvements I want to make.  The daily stuff consists of going to each cattery and letting the cats or kittens out for their daily run, while they do that I clean the litter trays, replace used litter, sweep the floors, clean the water bowls and replace with fresh water, refill the dry feed bowls, put the used scoops in for cleaning and replace with clean scoops, refill if necessary the bulk dry feed bins in each pen, and pull up and replace any bedding and put the used bedding into the washing machine, which is running constantly, then prepare the roo meat which acts as my bribe to get each cattery's occupants to return when called. Dish out the meat, call the cats or kittens back in. Do a head count, wait for the meat to be finished, collect the trays and hopefully make it out the gate in one piece.  This process is repeated 10 times for the morning run.  While doing this I made notes on any problems ie who needs to be groomed, who needs wormings, are there any injuries etc. Then I answer any emails that have come in during the morning and return any phone calls that I may have missed.  Hopefully by this stage the first couple of loads of washing are ready to be taken down and replaced by the current load.  

In the afternoon all the inside cats are done (exactly the same procedures for the outside cats) and then it's back for the second round with the outside cats, excluding refilling bulk feed containers and doing bedding which only has to be done once per day fortunately. But in the afternoon run the cats are not let out and any grooming or meds are taken care of that were noted in the morning run.

At night it's checking the afternoon emails, making sure that listings on Pet Rescue are up to date, updating the website for new arrivals etc and updating the facebook page for the shelter and doing any paperwork that may be needed and paying bills or organising ads etc.

I've created a new photo album for Foster Kittens and one for Mia and Kittens in the photo gallery so you can all keep track of how everyone is going.  Fosterer's please note that you can upload your own photos into these albums or create albums of your own if you so desire.

OK I want to go to sleep now.  :dry: 

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