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OK it's really 2.44am on Monday morning and I'm still trying to work on a new cattery reorganisation. I've been contacted by Pam who's had her cat Mia on the waiting list for about 3 months. Pam moved from Prosperpine to Laidley and had to give her cat Mia to a friend before the move. Unfortunately Mia returned to her old home and Pam traveled all the way from Laidley to Prosperpine to collect her. Pam has been keeping the real estate at bay with the promise that Mia was booked into the shelter when a vacancy became available but unfortunately on Saturday Mia gave birth to 5 kittens so now room or not she has to come to the shelter.  Please people, desex your pets.  The idea that they don't need it because "they never go out" doesn't work.  Believe me.  I know because I'm the one who ends up paying for it to be done, not only for the mother but the resultant kittens as well.  So Mia and her kittens come to the shelter for safety sake tomorrow oops today.  Hence my lack of sleep.

On the good news front, I've heard from Jimbo's new family that he's settling in well and they love him to bits.  

A big thank you goes to Leanne for taking little Button into foster care and don't worry Leanne I'm saving up for a magnifying glass for you so you can find Little Button next time he pings off under something on you. hehehe

Also a big thank you to the new foster carers Gillian and Nathan for taking on the three part persian kittens as well.

Dixie has settled into his new home thanks to Christine for not giving up on the boy and finding him a permanent home where he can be spoiled as he so richly deserves. Mind you I'm still saying good morning to him even though he's not in his bedroom in the morning. Hopefully that will wear off because Sammy is starting to look at me funny. LOL

K't. and John turned up Sunday arvo with a car load of cat litter, feed and toys which was greatly appreciated.

The teenage cattery went out for their customary run around this morning and were not impressed when we got a shower and I almost got trampled in the dash for the cattery.  Little Jerry and Cindy didn't seem to be bothered by the rain and continued to happily scamper around getting into mischief.  Tisha decided that the shower was fun and kept dashing outside and then back inside and as a result I ended up with little paw prints all over the floor and a soggy cat trying to climb onto my lap.

There are now so many litter trays needing to be done that I've set up a small cart where I can have a bag of fresh litter and the collection bag and I just pull it around from cattery to cattery. This works well but the kittens and teenagers seem to have decided that it's more of a hitchhiking situation and are continually sitting on the darn thing and getting a free ride.

Patches had to be moved inside today because she got her eye injured in a spat with Kerri who decided that I was paying too much attention to her at the time.  Patches is a beautiful long haired calico who needs a lot of settling down.  Now that she's inside (first time I've had the room available since her arrival) I'm hoping that she will come out of herself and gain more confidence. If I can get her people friendly and used to being handled she should be very easy to adopt because she's such a gorgeous girl.    She is now sharing the bedroom with Sammy (Dixie's little conquest).  Until Dixie got his paws on Sammy I never would have believed that putting a timid cat with her could possibly work to calm it down.  Sammy was the first lady of skittish.  She's still not comfortable with strangers but she's 100% on what she was 4 weeks ago.

Tomorrow I want (there I go again) today I want to move Princess into the house for more cuddles etc before she heads off to her new family.  There again I would normally have put Mia and her kittens in the house but the timing is very unfortunate and not what I would have liked. Which is why I have to find somewhere else to put Mia and the kittens.  So much for getting the numbers down and trying to relieve the pressure even if just for a little while.

Financially the next few months are not looking good because I'll have to desex, microchip, vaccinate and worm Chelsea and her 7 kittens plus Mia and her 5 kittens, plus Jerry and Cindy and Little Button and the three part perians.  I'm still trying to get  OJ and Camilla desexed along with 4 of the teenage females.  A month of so ago I was looking forward to only having 6 in total still to do.  Well the bottom fell out of that little idea very quickly.

Well it's now 3.20am and normally I get up at 4.30am. It's not looking good for a good nights sleep at this stage.  I'll see if I can grab a cat nap LOL.  Maybe I can dream up the ideal cattery reorganisation.  It's a cinch I couldn't do any worse than I'm doing while I'm awake. 

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That's a good idea for Princess, so the culture shock is not so bad.  Gees I hope everything turns out well for her. 

Did you get my $50 donation last week? I just want to check it went through, I know you've got not a spare minute in your schedule but I don't want it to go missing in the stratosphere....

Have you seen those water bowls that have the attached upside down bottle that means you don't have to change the water all the time, would you be interested in any of those? 


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Hi Gail, yep I got the donation on 10 April and thank you very much for that. I've seen small ones, but the ones I've seen are only useful for a couple of cats at a time. Due to the numbers I'm having to use very large tubs in each cattery. They don't drink all the water granted but the bulk is needed to make sure each one gets it's fair share. Unfortunately some of them also like paddling in the darn things hence they have to be changed daily anyway. Mind you the fruit trees, comfry and pumpkin vines aren't complaining LOL.

Princess is settling well in the house but I just wish I had some kids around to handle her before she heads off. She's been here for about 6 or 7 months and I really want her perfect for when she heads off.

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