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Over the next few weeks I have 3 older cats being surrendered needing new homes.  There are 2 males (5 years old) and another 8 year old male.  All these cats come from very loving homes and are well socialised and healthy.  Unfortunately they are victims of rental policy these days where pets are not allowed.  I'm sure if anyone opened up pet friendly rentals they would be swamped.  These cats are being ripped out of loving homes and would face very uncertain futures if it were not for the help of people like yourselves.  You should all be very proud of yourselves for caring as you do.  

Please keep an ear out for anyone looking to give a good permanent home to an older cat.  As you know this is not easy to find as most people want kittens.  However, an older cat does have many advantages over a kitten particularly if the person does not have a lot of time to spare to socialise a kitten right from the start.  An older cat provides immediate calm companionship and not a lot of hassle.  Unfortunately with a overpopulation problems in the larger shelters at the present time, these older cats, through no fault of their own would not stand much of a chance of reaching the adoption pens.

Your help is greatly appreciated as always.   :)

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