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Posted on August 27, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Yeah I know, butter wouldn't melt in her cute little mouth.  Well don't you believe it.  Taffy may be quite small for her age, although she still has quite a bit of growing to go at 8 mths, but she has an ego as big as the great outdoors.  I'm just hoping that she's been adopted by the time she reaches her growth spurt stage.

See that look in her eyes?  That's typical tortie.  And I'm beginning to think that the phase "Naughty Tortie" was invented purely with young Taffy in mind.

The fact that all the other cats and kittens on the place let her get away with whatever she wants really isn't helping with her superiority complex.

She was desexed the other week and I'm hoping that it will help, at least in a small way, to calm the tortie terror. 

I've found that it simply doesn't work putting her in the female kitten cattery with all the other girls her age and size.  It's not that she goes off at them, well no more than they can handle anyway. It's because she turns into this little crazy tortie coloured missile in her desire to get the hell out of there and away from all those confounded sissys and get back in with the boys her age.  Them she gets along with.  Apparently they're tough, just like her!!!  Has she taken a good long look at those male powder puffs lately??????

Robbie, second in command in the shelter hirachy system, always curls up in the sun on the old antique ride on mower seat.  No-one dares to try and move Robbie on.  However, just look at who got possession of the seat and the sun spot.

I can clearly see the "Yeah, well, so???" in her darling little face.  Robbie was lying in the shade at the side of the shelter looking miffed.  I explained to him that he could squash her with a single swipe and reclaim his seat but he didn't look overly impressed with the idea.

The best indication of just how big Taffy thinks she is was seen a couple of weeks ago.  The cat door here not only allows the cats to enter the house but Tayla the Sheltie can also fit through. She has to squeese a bit granted, but she does fit through.

Taffy on the other hand was seen, not only by myself at the time but also Tony, standing in front of the cat door, literally sucking in her non existant gut and ducking her apparently oversized head practically down to the floor in order to fit through the obviously "tiny" hole.  Honestly Taffy you could go through the darn thing standing sideways if you wanted to!!!!!!!!

Dear Smokey, who was recently adopted and has settled in beautifully, always liked to tell the other cats what to do.  It didn't matter that some were larger than him or not.  Well I let young Taffy out one morning a few weeks ago and Smokey decided to assert his authority.  That little move got him a swipe on the nose and an indignant Taffy glaring at him with "that" tortie look.  Oddly enough he never did it to Taffy again.

The tortie tornado also manages to dart merrily up every tree in sight.  Any other kitten I'd be worried considering she started this hair raising activity when only about 4 mths old.  The other kittens always seem to have to learn the hard way how to get back down.  But not Taffy.  Oh no.  Taffy had the whole thing down pat before she even conquered her first tree.  Typical!!!!!

In typical tortie fashion, she's really smoochy when it suits her and you can go get stuffed when it doesn't. 

One of her favourite games is playing with poor Tayla.  Why poor Tayla?  Well Taffy loves to suddenly come racing up to Tayla and stick to her side like super glue.  The result of this cute, loving display is that poor Tayla, not knowing what to do next, (she's not the brightest dog in the world), has no option but to walk around in never ending circles on the spot with darling little Taffy occasionally dashing around the other side and getting her to walk in the opposite direction.  This can go on for ages unless someone is there to disengage Taffy.

Taffy eats what she wants, sleeps where she wants, beats up who she wants and for some inexplicable reason is the cutest little tyke all at the same time.  She's irritatingly independant and manages to disappear every time someone comes out to look at adopting a cat or kitten and then suddenly reappears at your side the instant their car starts up to leave. 

Like I said.  Hopefully desexing the little twerp will help :)

In the meantime, if anyone is looking to adopt an invisable, very cheeky, independant, self opinionated, bossy young tortie to keep their lives very interesting - I have just the kitten for you :/ 


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Reply Louise
2:13 AM on October 2, 2011 
Bad Jeuleine!! Wash your mouth out with soap. LOL Mind you, you could be right :)
Reply jeuleine furlong
2:02 AM on October 2, 2011 
Can read between the lines Louise that you are awfully fond of her.
Maybe she is another stayer like Robbie??