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Posted on October 11, 2010 at 7:36 AM

Poor dear Missy.  She's an old style chocolate siamese around 12 years old.  This is her third time staying here while her Dad is off overseas.

Now the first time Missy came to visit she put on quite a turn when Dad left without her. She threated to decapitate me on more than one occasion over the first few days and then claimed the bedroom off the kitchen as her very own. 

Missy is used to being an only cat and the apple of her Dad's eye. She is definitely not used to sharing with other cats or dogs.  To her credit, once she settled down that first time, she only threatened to kill those cats that wandered too close to her doorway.  The rest that she couldn't see were perfectly safe.  Jena, the border collie, learned that if she wanted to continue to live it was best to avoid that part of the kitchen that was visible to Missy and Lexie, the russian blue, just lay on the kitchen table flatly refusing to be intimidated by what I'm sure he referred to as "that old bat"!!

Missy continued to receive her regular dry feed ration morning and night and the occasional meat meal. By the time her Dad arrived back everyone had worked out the do's and don'ts of life with Missy and things had gone back to pretty much normal. Although Missy still didn't mix with the other cats. 

On hearing her Dad's vehicle, Missy's eyes lit up (he'd been gone about 5 mths) and her ears twitched when she heard the car pull to a stop.  In true cat style, as soon as Dad walked in the door she turned her back and ignored him. Yep Dad was going to pay the price of daring to leave her.

About 12 mths later Missy returned for her second stint in concentration camp. This time her room was occupied and I had no option but to put her in the combined lounge, sitting room and veranda area.  The lounge and sitting room were occupied by Kerri and Smokey and the veranda had a dozen kittens running amok including a few ferals.

Missy barely tolerated Kerri and Smokey but became fascinated by the kittens. She'd spend hours lying on the bed in the sitting room watching the kittens playing and scampering around on the veranda. Every now and then when I was going out to feed the kittens one would scamper past me and she'd put on a turn but never physically harm the kitten. More principle than anything else. It was always funny when the kittens would decide to go to sleep in their beds at the end of the veranda and Missy would squish her nose against the glass to see if she could spot where they were. On one occasion I hadn't latched the door properly and she actually fell through onto the veranda and she almost had a heart attack. I think she found it a tad unnerving when on occasion she'd find a line up of tiny little noses pushed against the glass on the other side of the door trying to see what she was doing.

Finally Dad came to collect her again and off she went.

She's now back for her third stay and is once again in the combined rooms. The difference this time is that she's now sharing it with Dotti, Mittens and two of the kittens she had watched during her last visit, Sparky and Tyson. And this time she truly is sharing. They're all living in peace together and she's even sharing her food bowl with young Tyson if he wants it. She's currently curled up on my track pants in the lounge with Dotti and Mittens. Sparky and Tyson usually share her bed at night if she sleeps in the lounge or she curls up on a chair near my bed with the two boys curled up on the floor beside her chair.

I don't believe that she'd exactly jump at the chance of sharing her Dad and her home with another cat or kitten, but she knows that when she's visiting here that just for a while, it can be nice to have a feline friend and family around, provided they show her due respect of course.


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Reply Louise
3:09 AM on October 30, 2010 
Looking forward to it Jeuleine.

I love that video, it's so cute :)
Reply jeuleine furlong
12:10 AM on October 30, 2010 
What a nice story Louise! Perhaps the cats could learn to play the piano on their hols. like this little cat.
Google in "Nora the piano cat:the sequel-better than the original" on youTube and it should come up. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.