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Posted on October 19, 2014 at 11:05 PM

This is a conversation I had with little Coda as she sat on my lap looking lovingly into my eyes. Remembering the state she was in when I first saw her I felt obliged to let her know the BVCR philosophy.  Yes people may say that it's silly, but it's something that myself and all of the BVCR directors and volunteers firmly believe.  It went something like this.

I know that you know that you're safe here with me.  I know that you know that you're loved.  But the day will come when the right person walks through that gate and loves you as much as I do.  That person will promise to love you and give you a happy, safe and secure life for the rest of your days.  And you'll show me that you love and trust them too.  And I'll end up saying goodbye and watching you drive away with your new famly. 

But know one thing little one.  Know that your are a BVCR cat and that you will always be a BVCR cat until the end of your days.  Once a BVCR cat you will have two homes for the rest of your life.  And BVCR will always be there for you in the future no matter what.  If for any reason you need to find a new home you will always be welcome back until that home is found.  You will never be alone in life because we will always be here for you.  You will never be turned away because this is your home as well.

This my promise to you and to all of the BVCR cats, past, present and future.  And this is a committment that BVCR must stand by now and into the future.  These are the ideals on which BVCR was formed.  And this is the promise that makes BVCR what it is today.


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