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Posted on June 17, 2010 at 5:42 AM

Now little Rastus is only around 14 weeks old and has energy to burn (all the time!!!). The idea of walking anywhere has never crossed his little mind. He's been raised with or by I'm not really sure which two very large dogs (as a look in his photo album in the photo gallery will attest) and one rather mischievous bengal male (oh and one rather doting human Mum as well). All of this may explain why little Rastus believes that he is master of all he suveys. He also seems to think that he's bomb proof and I guess with the type of canine, feline and human protection he's got, he's probably not far wrong.

His latest idea is persistantly climbing up to the very top of the security door and balancing (not too well I might add) on the very top. The only problem with this bright idea is that his lordship can get up OK, but as yet hasn't figured out how to get back down without a parachute. Now normally this isn't much of a problem, but the other night I went over to give the little darling his vaccination. I followed his Mum innocently into the house and once the two dogs had joined us the door was closed. Well that did it. An ear piercing cat scream shattered the silence of the night closely followed by two screaming females and two very large dogs convinced that the attack of the banchees had begun in their living room. Unbeknown to anyone young Rastus had been tottering about holding on for dear life when the door was suddenly swung shut and his little foot had gotten caught where it didn't belong, again. His poor Mum had to climb up onto a chair in order to rescue him and she handed him to me for safe keeping as she climbed off the chair. We both gave the traumatised little chap a pat and a cuddle and he settled onto my shoulder while his Mum made us both a cup of coffee to settle our nerves.

Now it's really unusual for little Rastus to just sink onto my shoulder like that and his Mum commented on the fact that he was obviously planning on milking the situation for all it was worth. See the last photo in the album. At that stage we really did think that he was putting it on. Once the coffee was made I put him down on the floor and he just sort of tottered a bit and just sat there. His Mum picked him up concerned that maybe he'd been hurt but we couldn't find any sign of injury. As we sat drinking the coffee the little fellow fell asleep in his Mum's arms. Now for him to fall asleep at that time of the day when it was almost dinner time is unheard of. Normally he'd be shooting around the floor, in between the dogs legs and annoying the dickens out of Mum demanded to know when and where dinner was. So his Mum started to think back on the day. She realised that she'd been lying down for about an hour or so and hadn't actually seen Rastus for some time prior to that. She remembered hearing what she at first thought was a plaintive little meow but had dismissed it. On consideration it turned out that little Rastus had possibly been hanging on for dear life for at least an hour and a half. As it turned out we realised as his little head dropped slowly backwards on his Mums arm that he wasn't faking it at all, he was just plain exhausted.

After a few minutes of watching him dozing off his Mum took him and placed him on her bed and partially covered his tiny little form with a doona. He opened his little eyes for a second and then drifted off into sleep warm and cozy dreaming no doubt of how to scare the hell out of us next time.

I got a call the next day to say that the unheard of had happened and Rastus had slept clean though dinner time and hadn't stirred at all during the night for the very first time ever. Well at least now his Mum knows that if she wants to get a good nights sleep all she has to do is stick the little devil back on top of the security door for an hour or so before hand. :D


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