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Posted on June 11, 2010 at 3:23 AM

Of a daytime we let our little treasure Scrap run around in the big wide world and when it gets dark we close all the doors and give the little gobble guts dinner and he's inside for the night. However the other night about an hour after we had last seen him- at the food bowl, he was no where in sight, and as we had just been going about our normal nightly life, when we realized he was missing we automatically started to check the fridge and cupboards etc with no luck. During all this our panic had started to rise. We then started the slightly panicked scout around outside, making complete fools of ourselves calling his name, and making all the normal cat calling noises that you do when you're frantically looking for a missing fur kid. Then when we heard a tinkle from his bell we knew that he was somewhere about, so we headed inside and continued to recheck the cupboards and everywhere thinkable that he could be hiding/trapped with no luck. By this point we had heard the tell tale tinkle again and were reassured that he was inside- so we stared to settle down a bit and closed the doors again. Then about 10 min later we heard the bell ringing again, and when we turned around he casually strolled out a pile of warm snuggly clothes in which he had been camouflaged, and he just looked up at us as if to say ' what's all the noise about I was trying to sleep' and continued to clean himself as if nothing was going on. At this stage he nearly used up one of his valuable 9 lives! Got to love our little darlings! :)


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Reply jeuleine furlong
5:29 AM on June 12, 2010 
They say that they lower blood pressure but with adventures like this you have to wonder.