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Posted on May 17, 2010 at 5:28 AM

Now as you all know, over the past few days there have been quite a lot of blankets and towels etc donated to the shelter for the cooler months.  A lot of them went straight into the catteries and some had to be placed into the storage shed for use over the coming weeks.  All bedding is changed daily so there is never too much on hand.  Now due to very bad planning on my part the main built in storage box is located in the maternity ward in the shed where Mia and her 5 kittens are at the present time.

Anyway there was quite a number of bags of blankets etc still in my car from when I'd collected them from Amanda on Friday.  Being a cold day I sure didn't mind all the traipsing around between my car and the shed to stow the gear.  Naturally because I was doing something with the car Scooter just had to stick her nose in and I lost count of the number of times I had to grab her and stop her from jumping in the back. Finally when I was getting the last of the bags out I slammed the hatch down, gave her a death stare and told her to go annoy someone else. I trotted over to the shed and dropped the bag of cat blankets into the storage box and to my horror heard a plaintive little squeak and Mia almost had a coronary. Apparently deciding that all that bedding looked really, really comfy she'd commenced moving her kittens into the box and I'd just beaned one with the bag. There I was rooting around in the box with bags of blankets and towels flying in all directions with Mia balanced precariously on the edge of the box while I searched for the hopefully not too flat kitten. Finally I located the little devil and returned it to it's frantic Mum.

I retrieved all of the bags I'd tossed out during the search and then started dumping in the other bags that I'd just brought over, when suddenly Casper leapt out from the top bag and raced headlong into the closed gate. After the distress of Mum trying to turn one of her kittens into a pancake, Mia was in no mood for strange male cats racing around her normally calm bedroom. With all the fury of a mother lioness defending her young she sprang after poor Casper who was in such a state he didn't know which way was up. He'd been woken from a sound sleep and had finally gotten up the nerve to pop out and now he was faced with a mad female cat he didn't know. I was not impressed when he decided that his best chance of survival was to climb up my leg and cling frantically to my shoulders.  With Mia searching for the intruder on ground level I was able to leave the room and finally convince Casper to vacate my shoulders for the relative stability of a bench. Considering how quickly he vacated the building I doubt if he'll be back visiting Mia any time soon. 

After getting all the supplies stowed away and spending some time rearranging the maternity ward so Mia and the kittens got the benefit of some of the new rugs and scratching poles brought out by Gail and Guy I ventured back to the car to make sure I hadn't left anything behind.

A cursory check of the back was clear but as I passed the front I realised that one of the front windows was down.  I opened the door to close the window and found dear darling Scooter sound asleep on the drivers seat. For one evil but very pleasurable moment I considered closing the window and leaving the little twerp in there but I relented and yelled at her instead. Unlike Casper, Scooter isn't prone to nervous fits and she just opened her eyes and yawned at me.  After diplomatically (sort of) convincing her to leave the vehicle I had to do a thorough check to make sure no other errant cats had climbed in before closing the window.  Even then I still ended up doing a head count of the cats that were out roaming at the time just to be sure they were all accounted for. Mind you, I sincerely doubt that any other cat would be able to get into Scooters car and live to tell about it. LOL


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Reply HippieMandala
12:01 AM on May 25, 2010 
well you do know how to make things interesting dont you