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Posted on June 28, 2012 at 5:55 AM

Oh Kerri my darling what am I going to do with you?.  Now as you can see butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.  She's so cute and loving and adorable.  She's so sweet, so docile, such a darling lap cat.  OK that's it.  I'm about to roll around the floor in hysterics and at my age that's not a good idea.

Kerri is probably around 8 years old and has been at the shelter for about 2 of those years.  She was adopted quickly after arriving from Willawong Pound by a lady who absolutely adored her.  The problem was hubby.  He got home and announced that she was the ugliest cat he'd ever seen and to take her back.  Well she came back and the lady took another cat in her place, which she also loves dearly and which could pass Hubbies pretty cat test!!!.  The odd thing is that I've heard a number of men say exactly the same thing about her but the women all love her.

So why is this sweet, darling cat still sitting at the shelter after all this time.  Well maybe it's because my description of her in the first paragraph is a complete fabrication.  Well she is that way with me, but not necessarily with everyone.

After a few weeks at the shelter Kerri decided that she was on a darned good wicket.  She got to sleep in bed with Mum every night.  Which was good for Kerri, but not quite so good for Mum who found that she risked having cute little claws dig into her leg if she dared to move after Kerri had gotten into a comfy spot.  Getting up during the night was pretty much out of the question, because walking with a fully grown tortie attached to your upper thigh isn't all that easy in the dark.  PS turning on the light didn't help much either. 

I also learned that after Kerri jumps onto my lap and settles for a pat and looks at me with adoring eyes, I get growled and mumbled at if I dare to try and get up.

Every one of the other cats at the shelter know that Kerri is 2nd boss Tortie and they give her her space without question.  Mind you a few of the younger ones, who aren't really bright (did I say that?), do have a habit of walking under her chair and usually get a swift swipe at their tails as a result.  I say second boss tortie because there is one other tortie to whom even Kerri will defer, and that's my baby Scooter.  I'll tell you about Scooter one day :)  The only other cat that can tell Kerri what to do is Lexie (without him I'd be lost - he's boss cat and I'm hoping he lives to be 200 years old).

Now there was a time when there were a lot of enquiries about Kerri and I lived in hope that she'd be adopted and find a home of her very own.  She's bossy but would thrive in a home of her own and despite her bad rep really is my best pal.  Kerri would happily allow herself to be patted and cuddled by all the prospective adoptive Mums and Dads.  But something always ended up going wrong, and it wasn't until I really watched her that I realised what it was.  When someone finally decided that she was the one for them, their body language changed and so did the tone of their voice.  Apparently that was her cue to suddenly take an unexpected swipe.  It was never a dangerous swipe and it never caused any damage, but the suddenness of it was always enough to send everyone in search of another cat to take home.  She'd then settle down for a much deserved nap.  When I realised what was going on I withdrew her temporarilly from the adoption listings in the hopes that she'd decide that she really didn't want to stay at the shelter after all.

As you can see that didn't really work all that well.  LOL

Finally I got a call from a couple who loved the description of Kerri's real nature because they'd had tortie's with attitude before and loved them.  At last I thought.  Someone who'll actually appreciate my gorgeous girls personality.

Well for once Kerri could be Kerri and instead of hindering her adoption it would actually help it. Yippee!!!  Yeah well.  We are talking about Kerri, queen of the unexpected aren't we.  Never, ever, ever in my entire life have I ever seen, nor do I ever expect to see again, such a floppy, sooky, purring, lazy tub of boredom!!!!!!!!!  To add insult to injury while she was lying drapped in the womans arms like a sack of potatoes, the little twerp managed to flop her head around and looked at me with a look that clearly said "hahahaha thought I wouldn't know hahaha".  They ended up taking 2 other cats instead.  These have settled in well and are very much loved. 

By the way, the minute their car started up to leave Kerri jumped off the chair onto the table and chased 2 other cats off on the way up.

I'm pretty much ready at this point to admit defeat and let the old girl stay.  But if you'd like a cat that's honestly totally unpredictible and extremely loving all at the same time let me know.  I also know that for all her mumbling and grumbling and swiping at everything that moves, Kerri would be devastated if she ever thought that she did anything that would harm me in any way whatsoever. Truth be told, she's extremely devoted and loving.  But I'm still hoping that one day she'll have a home of her very own, where she won't have to compete with so many others for a comfy sleeping spot.  Where she'll have her very own feed dish and bed.


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Reply Laurie Mac
12:24 PM on September 18, 2012 
Love this story ... what a cute little terror. Good luck with finding her a home, I'm sure there's one out there.