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Posted on January 25, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Why do we humans insist on putting the word "human" in front of the word emotions?  Who decided to do it in the first place?  We did!

Yesterday a young cow belonging to my next door neighbour lost her 6 week old calf.  She called and called to attract my neighbours attention.  When he appeared to investigate she headed off down the paddock.  She stopped and turned back every few meters to ensure that he was following.  She led him unerringly to her fallen calf and watched as he inspected the little one.  Unfortunately it was too late as the calf had already passed away during the night.  She let out a loud call when he began to walk away and the rest of the herd came from down the paddock to join her.  They milled around and nuzzled her gently as they waited for my neighbours return.

He borrowed a small bobcat from his neighbours to bury the calf and the Mumma stood and watched.  The rest of the herd stayed close by her.  Once the calf had been buried and my neighbour had gone, she returned to lie beside the little grave and called gently.  The herd remained close and one was assigned to remain with her while the others continued to graze.

Last night the herd returned to their normal night area to sleep but she remained beside her son and could be heard calling to him throughout the night.  The first thing I heard this morning when I woke was her low moo.  I looked out and she had her head resting on the grave with her assigned companion cow lying a few feet away.

Instead of saying "human" emotions.  Why don't we just say "emotions".


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Reply hannah
3:13 AM on April 24, 2013 
This is a beautiful story i dont know why people dont ecknowledge or they just dont see the emotions in animals It is stories like this one that would make even the most blind of beings see... :)
Reply kim
5:45 PM on January 25, 2012 
such a sad story Louise, tears, tears, tears. The poor mumma cow.
Reply Kosh's Mum
5:25 PM on January 25, 2012 
I was there while this was going on. I don't know the first thing about cows, but I found the whole experience, not only fascinating, but also humbling.